Outputs include publications in the form of books, research papers, policy briefs, commentaries and special reports, which will be produced and disseminated through collaboration between Programs and Publications staff

Digital Media and Technology

The Internet will allow BCPP to reach a global audience. New and emerging tools, techniques, processes, platforms and social media channels require constant innovation by Digital Media in partnership with Information Technologies to support research and enable the think-tank to constantly be innovating and making best use of the available tools to present itself and its work optimally.

Communications and Media Relations

BCPP will continually review and update its practices for outreach to media, the broader public and key stakeholders, to present its initiatives and activities in the clearest light. Overarching communications strategies will be developed and implemented for all of the major BCPP initiatives, identifying intended special policy audiences and stakeholders, as well as the most effective means of reaching them both directly and through indirect channels such as the media

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