Purpose of Outreach

BCPP will conduct an ongoing campaign of publishing and communications to amplify BCPP’s core activities through knowledge mobilization. To support the think tank’s overarching goal of peace and policy impact and to help people understand the importance of what BCPP does. To this end, BCPP will continually refine its understanding of relevant audiences for BCPP’s research and its methods of reaching them with the most compelling messages. Of all time, the work of BCPP, its publications and outreach activities will be non-partisan in nature, objective and based on a well-reasoned position

Engagement & Outreach

BCPP acknowledges that the policy process is also not- linear. Proving attribution for specific changes in policy is very difficult, and disseminating research findings alone rarely leads policy makers to act. For this reason, BCPP — while seeking evidence will also will focus on build relationships with public and policy makers by engaging in ongoing, two-way dialogue to ensure that the organization is well known and viewed as a positive contributor to the formulation of sound public policy, which in turn leads stakeholders to seek out advice on key areas of interest to BCPP experts, whether through face-to-face meetings, formal presentations to parliamentary committees, or by participating as experts on committees or during round tables. Consistent engagement with government staff, as well as political staff, will give BCPP the opportunity to participate in the early stages of policy development, explain the effect of proposed policies and highlight future issues around peace and policy in a less formal manner.

Strategies for Outreach

BCPP will develop customized outreach strategies for its leading initiatives and research themes, with the goal of promoting ever wider global awareness of BCPP and its mission; and creating relevant audiences for policy analyses and recommendations of BCPP’s research teams and outputs. These plans include targeted media strategies for different audiences by geography (such as interior Balochistan and rest of Pakistan)  and by sector (whether the broad public, government and policy-making circles, academic communities, or the business or corporate sector) and through particular journalists and media channels (print, broadcast, digital and social media). Outreach will be measured not only by the size of the audience in any channel, but also for the quality and influence of the audience in advancing BCPP’s mission of improving peace and governance.

Four main strategies for outreach are employed at BCPP: Publications, Digital and Social Media, Communications and Media Relations, and Events.