Our Team

President & CEO BCPP

Dr. Mir Sadaat
President & CEO

Holds a PhD in Social Marketing from University of Hertfordshire UK and works as an Assistant Professor at University of Balochistan. His area of expertise are : Public relations and Advocacy, Planning and Decision Making, Power relations and Conflict Management, Research and Analysis, Communication Skills, Perception and Anger Management, Peace Building and Countering Violent Extremism, Community and Youth Engagement.

hafiz muhammad tahir

Hafiz Muhammad Tahir
Research Manager

He is an alum University Cairo, Egypt. He is a PhD scholar at Karachi University and serving voluntary as coordinator in International Research council for Religious Affairs(IRCRA). He is the winner of national and international writing competitions. His areas of expertise are: Inter Faith Harmony, Peace Building and Countering Violent Extremism, Research and Analysis, Ethnic Harmony, Islamic History, Islamic Economics, and Perception and Anger Management

Sundas Shahid

Sundas Shahid
Policy Analyst

She is a M.Phil. Scholar at National Defence University Islamabad. Her area of expertise are in War and Peace studies, Geo-Politics of Asia Pacific, Non-proliferation regimes and, Traditional and Non-Traditional security threats in contemporary era.

mir murad baloch

Mir Murad Baloch:
Event Manager / Vice President

He is an alumnus International Visitor Leadership Program by US State Department on Social Entrepreneurs and Peace Ambassador to Pakistan of Japan BCIO. He holds a vast experience in philanthropy. His areas of expertise are: Event Management, Planning and Decision Making, Diplomacy, Public Relations and Advocacy, Project Management, and Liaising and Negotiating.

Ghazala Yousafzai

Ghazala Yousafzai

Ghazala Yousafzai is a social science researcher and professional content writer. She is MS mass communication student at NUST. she has great passion for writing, she mainly writes about Balochistan, its social issues and people.She can be reached on Twitter @GKYTweets.

Naeem Ahmed

Naeem Ahmed
Social Media Moderator

Experienced IT professional with a history in all different areas of information technology. Bachelors student of computer science. His area of expertise are knowledge of setting up a network or other system and experienced in performing maintenance on a regular basis. Extensive familiarity with raw and processed numbers and analytical experience and managing website at social media platforms