Who We Are?

Our vision

To be a center of excellence on sustainable peace, policy research, and advocacy for Balochistan

Our mission

Our mission is to break the ideological barriers that are deterring peace chiefly in Balochistan and largely in Pakistan to foster the values of peace and nationalism to manifest a society that is tolerant and responsible

core Values

The guiding principles for the institute shall be:

  • Originality and Innovation
  • Morality and Truthfulness
  • Detection for excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism

President Message

Balochistan Council for Peace and Policy (BCPP) note with profound concern that, Balochistan, largely remote and neglected region of Pakistan is facing an unprecedented episode of violence for the past fifteen years. Despite efforts for improvements in the sphere of security, the situation in Balochistan is still to be normalize. The main reason for this is the disconnect with the people of Balochistan from the rest of Pakistan because the province is still not regarded as a stakeholder in the power structure of Pakistan. As a consequence, all the major stakeholders have restricted themselves to only maintaining a nominal presence in the province.

We, assert that in Balochistan, the state’s inability to capture citizens’ hearts and minds has resulted in other ideas and narratives taking root. One of the major reasons behind the current state of affairs is the absence of a Balochist voice in other parts of Pakistan. The vacuum left behind needing to be filled by progressive forces. 

Team of BCPP considers that the aforementioned problems can be tackled through collective efforts by the people of Balochistan living in Balochistan in collaboration with people of Balochistan living in the Diaspora and all other people who wish better for the region. Team of BCPP believes that this can be achieved through principles of hard work, dedication, accountability and responsibility founded on respect for fundamental human rights, social equity and social justice.

The Team note with grave concern that a national counter narrative should urgently be developed to counter violence and conflict in Balochistan. We lack research and analysis culture, which is the fundamental principle of coming up with practical and result-oriented policy discourse. Today, what we direly need is a think-tank for productive proposals.

We, foresee that all extremist outfits need to be dealt with the national counter-terrorism strategies. However, Sub-national groups and angry voices, on the other hand, should be encouraged to come into the national fold by addressing their legitimate concerns. Team of BCPP believes that we must help the state by engaging the entire stakeholder for building a national counter narrative for sustainable peace and development in Balochistan and Pakistan. For the said resolution we have set up Balochistan Council for Peace and Policy.

core Team