President's Message

Balochistan Council for Peace and Policy (BCPP) note with profound concern that, Balochistan, largely remote and neglected region of Pakistan is facing an unprecedented episode of violence for the past fifteen years. Despite efforts for improvements in the sphere of security, the situation in Balochistan is still to be normalise. The main reason for this is the disconnect with the people of Balochistan from the rest of Pakistan because the province is still not regarded as a stakeholder in the power structure of Pakistan. As a consequence, all the major stakeholders have restricted themselves to only maintaining a nominal presence in the province.

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

"To be a center of excellence on sustainable peace, policy research, and advocacy for Balochistan"

Our Mission

"Our mission is to break the ideological barriers that are deterring peace chiefly in Balochistan and largely in Pakistan to foster the values of peace and nationalism to manifest a society that is tolerant and responsible"


To fulfill our mission, we need to provide innovative and practical recommendations to policy makers through following objectives

  • To postulate benchmark standard for effective governance in Balochistan.
  • To promote an inclusive society based on the values of unity, faith and discipline.
  • To articulate civic sense and nationalism among the youth of Balochistan.
  • To offer policy guidance on matters relating to the sustainable peace and governance.
  • To break ideological barriers in public through perception management.


There are many ways to help secure BCPP unrelenting commitment towards a prosperous and peaceful Balochistan through impartial research, fair analysis, community engagement and honest bilateral contacts for decades to come.

We welcome donations by cash, check, wire transfer, sponsorship and any legal way that FBR may permit. We also would be happy to discuss arrangements for making a deferred gift from your estate or a combination of any of these forms. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have

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